For over 20 years, Forrest Grove has specialized in building nationally known restaurants and healthcare facilities from the ground up. We streamline and simplify the process by establishing a detailed plan with our client and a no change order policy.


General Construction

Forrest Grove is a uniquely positioned full-service general contracting firm, performing renovations, alterations and new building development. We handle many retail and commercial projects ranging from early-childhood development centers to self-storage facilities and skin care/beauty centers, each a success.

We understand that businesses may need to stay in operation during construction projects. By working closely alongside business owners, we are able to achieve the project's goals while avoiding prolonged business disruption.


With healthcare being well over 50% of our business, our credentials and experience reward every healthcare construction project we pioneer. By conducting a thorough exploration and intentional planning, our team is able to consistently achieve success. By providing a high-end facility for healthcare professionals and positive experience for patients, Forrest Grove gives healthcare a new name.


Are you breaking new ground or expanding your current property? Begin your journey as a restaurant owner with Forrest Grove. Building restaurants from the ground up or from pre-existing properties is over half of our business. Whether it is a nationally recognized franchise or a dream of your own, Forrest Grove will bring it to life by maintaining brand standards or creating custom construction.